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The 83 Agency was born in the spring of 2015. So why 83 I hear you say. Does it represent a birth date, a postcode, or simply a favourite number?

In fact, it relates to a very special year indeed. 1983 was the year some would say the Internet was launched. It was also the year in which Microsoft Word was introduced to the world. Not only that, but it was the year the very first commercial mobile phone call was made! All-in-all, it has proven itself as a significant year in the world of communication and technology.

Now, for the real reason the agency was named after 1983… It was the year Michael Jackson debuted his moonwalk to the world on 25th March at the Motown 25th Anniversary special. He wasn’t the first, but he executed it with such style and precision that people all over the world were trying to emulate him the very next day, including me.

If you want to make marketing history with your next partnership campaign, call us today – and we may even show you how to do the moonwalk (one of my most impressive skills)!